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The sexiest girls in Las Vegas are available right here. How to Engage an Escort Service in Las Vegas

So you are heading to Vegas and want to take your experience to the next level with the help of a Vegas escort? Sure thing. But have you ever been with an escort before? If you haven't, you need to take a few things into consideration as hiring an escort and spending time with one is a bit different from what you see in the movies. This isn't all Pretty Woman and the chances of your for-hire entertainment falling in love with you is slim (but hey, don't let that stop you from trying as it isn't completely impossible). Sadly, there is no crash corse or "Hiring Escorts 101" at the local community college. You kind of need to go with the flow a bit once the date starts. However, with this helpful guide, you at least can prepare yourself to the fullest extent so you know how to engage an escort and what you should come to expect on your date.

So, you are all in and ready to go balls to the wall with your escort. How should you go about booking her and what should you expect. First of all, did you receive a card or handout from an attractive woman on the street? Yeah, she isn't going to be your escort. Escorts don't sit on the corners of clubs and casinos handing out cards. These are individuals who are paid by local escort services to hand out these cards and they are usually paid by the number of cards they hand out (which is why they hand it out to everyone).

So you look down at the card and see some bombshell women on the cards. So, naturally, it is going to be one of these women who show up for your escort service, right? Wrong again. The women who appear on these cards are models. They might even be random pics lifted off of the Internet. There is a slim chance of your women actually looking this fantastic. Now, this isn't to say your escort isn't going to look beautiful or attractive. She is. After all, both her and the escort service work off of reviews and word of mouth, so they can't send out a toothless witch who may or may not arrive on a broom. They are just going to be more down to earth and not the girls you see in pinup magazines.

Before you cross of booking an escort off of your list because you don't want an "ordinary" girl, the women are beautiful, and it is still possible to book these top of the line, pinup models. These are just found with the high-end escort services and you are going to have to pay for it. The more average looking women might charge you a fee for the evening and that is it. The high-end women are going to charge you by the hour, and chances are you will drop several grand per hour for their services. If you are alright with this than by all means go forth and splurge. It is up to you. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Escorts are there to give you a good time. They are going to head out to dinner with you, take in a show, hit the clubs or just spend time in your hotel room. It is up to you. Should you decide to spend the time in your hotel room, your escort is likely going to give you an excellent strip tease and lap dance. They may also give you a massage if this is something you are looking for. Whatever it is you want, chances are they are going to give it to you in regards to these standard features. There are different kinds of massage services.

Maybe you want an actual massage, where they work out the knots and apply pressure to your sore areas. Not a problem there and they can take care of these problem areas for you. Maybe you'd rather have a more sensual massage with her body rubbing against yours? Sure, they can do that as well. But what if you want a little extra? Maybe you want a tuggie to finish off your massage. Or perhaps you want to take it to the next level and are expecting a windie while she sits on your face. Well, that is going to be a bit different and it requires more delicate tact from you in order to handle it.

The sensual Revolution

So, you want to get your rocks off with one of the stunning escorts Vegas has to offer? You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the fast. In fact, most men, or at least a high percentage of them, want this. But how do you go about doing it. It's not like you can just whip it out in the back of a taxi and expect her to go to town on it. Doesn't work like that. You also can't take her to dinner and then ask when you're going to fuck. Yeah, that doesn't work either. So how on earth are you going to make this happen? Carefully, because she has to be careful as well.

Paying for sex on the strip is illegal. If you just ask how much for a rim job right off the bat she is going to turn you down. Why? Well, first, rim jobs are gross and she probably won't be into that. But secondly, even if she is, she needs to make sure you are not a cop because she would rather avoid spending her evening in the slammer for accepting money for sensual favors (you can accept money for begging on the street doing nothing, but if you beg on the street and give a hand job for the money it is suddenly illegal...but that is a different topic for a different blog on a different website). So, you need to practice caution.

Don't bring it up right away. And if she wants to get you into a difficult situation, let her. This doesn't mean back alleyway at gunpoint. But if she offers to handcuff you to the bed while she massages your naked body, you need to let her. Once she knows you are not a cop you can proceed. Don't ask how much for a specific service. Just ask how much of a tip she would need to go further or to have a bit more fun. Don't open up about specific terms and acts until she does. When she does, it means she is comfortable with you and open to the possibility. Once she is open to you, then it is good to go into more specifics.

Be prepared to pay up if you want a top of the line escort with sensual favors. You might end up dropping close to five figures for this kind of a time. You can always go the Craigslist route and spend a few hundred, but that might not be the investment you are looking for. Either way, if you want a fun evening with a beautiful women, make sure to bring extra cash (and make sure to slowly withdraw the money over several months so the misses doesn't find out about it...you know...if you have a misses).

If you are visiting Vegas and looking for a good time, chances are you have considered an escort. Before you hire an escort you do need to know a few specifics about the process. You also need to know what to expect, because if you have never been with an escort, it is a bit different form what you are likely use to.